Online marketing is more or less the same for every city in the US, but we’re talking about Anchorage and Alaska on this blog, so I’ll write about Anchorage again. In the first post we talked about marketing in general, so we explained it better then and now we’ll talk more about online marketing.

As the name suggest, online marketing is a marketing strategy which uses the Internet to deliver the message to potential consumers. There are tons of ways to market your business online, but if you own a local business in Anchorage I think there are 2 main strategies you should use.

One is search engine marketing, and the other one is social media marketing. Search engine marketing can be divided into search engine optimization and sponsored search. Search engine optimization is a way of getting free visitors while for sponsored search is obviously paid clicks.

Now, it’s really hard to pinpoint which one of those two is better, because there is no “one size fit all” for marketing tactics, but I’ll say what I think is the most profitable tactic for most local businesses in Anchorage. While Facebook advertising so so advanced today, and you can really laser target your ads, you can’t really show your ads to users when they need some service or a product. Let me give you an example – John came home from work and just realized his pipe burst and the water is leaking, so he needs a plumber. What are the chances he’ll take his cell phone to find a plumber and see a Facebook ad about a plumber in his area? Virtually none, because he won’t go to Facebook when he needs an emergency plumber, he’ll rather go to and type something like “Emergency plumber Anchorage”, or “Anchorage plumber”, and in most cases, he’ll click on the website showing #1 for his keyword and call that business. That business just profited from SEO. Less likely, but possible is that he will click on the sponsored ad for that keyword and call that business. In that case, that other business profited from sponsored search or google Adwords. Got the point?

Just put yourself in a position of your consumer. Recently I purchased some cool gadget from the Facebook ad, and I really like it. Funny thing is that I didn’t even know something like that exists before I saw it on that ad. I liked the video promotion for the product and after my research about the company and the product I decided to buy. What do you think how likely is that I would purchase that using google search? If you said: “None”, you were right because I can’t search on google something I don’t know it even exists. So for a case like this, FB ad is the way to go.

I think after reading these two examples you’ll be able to decide what type of advertising is better for your local business in Anchorage. In most cases, search engine marketing and specifically SEO is the best way, but not in all cases, so evaluate your business and decide for yourself. If you decide for SEO check out this video to learn what Matt Cutts has to say:


Unless you’ve been living under the rock (maybe even then), you heard the term „marketing“, and probably most of the people in the US know what it means, but sometimes it’s hard to explain. That shouldn’t be the case with marketing so simply put, marketing is considered to be the communication between companies on the one side, and consumers on the other side, with the aim to increase the profit of the company. There are slight variations on the definitions, some more expanded, but basically, that’s what it is. The way they try to do that is by inducing behavioral change in the receptive audience, says Gordon Ross, and I tend to agree.

picture showing marketing strategy concept in Anchorage

There are many ways of marketing your brand/product/service, and we are going to talk about some of them in next articles, but first we have to explain why would someone use marketing strategies, and the answer is simple – to let people know about their product or service. You can have the best product/service in Anchorage but if no one knows it exists, what do you think, how would you do with that business? It also works the other way around, if you have the best marketing strategies in the world, but shitty product/service, you wouldn’t make a lot of money, but this time you would make something, which means that marketing is sometimes more important than the product or the service. Obviously, the best case scenario would be if you would have a great product/service and great marketing strategy.

In this day and age, there are something called „internet marketing“, and just 30 years ago that term didn’t even exist. Mainly because Internet didn’t exist in the form we know it today, but even after the commercial use of Internet, it took a lot of years before internet marketing, or even digital marketing became the most important way to market pretty much anything.

In next article I’ll write more about that, so stay tuned.